Just Inspire | Success Story: Pomona Middle School
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Success Story: Pomona Middle School

Success Story: Pomona Middle School

Thanks to two grants from the New York State Education Department — an Extended Learning Time grant and a Community Schools grant — Pomona Middle School was able to preserve and reinstate extracurricular and enrichment opportunities while also increasing time for core academics. In addition, our team and Pomona Middle School were able to promote family engagement and provide supports for students and families by coordinating public, non-profit, and private resources to deliver school-linked academic, health, mental health, nutrition, counseling, legal and other services to students and families.

Extended Learning Time

Expanded the school day by 25%, with the added time focused on additional core subject instruction for remediation and acceleration as well as extracurricular activities.

The Extended Learning Time grant led to:

  • Improved attendance, decrease in discipline referrals, increased homework completion
  • Improved scores on assessment, with students better prepared for ELA and Math assessments
  • An interactive mentoring program for students that stresses positive decisions and goal-setting
  • Increased opportunities for educators to plan, collaborate, and participate in professional development opportunities
  • More student participation in clubs and activities, including those made possible by the Community Schools Grant

Community Schools Grant

Designated Pomona Middle School as Community Hub Site, developed partnerships to bring critical services to students and families in order to counter environmental factors that impede student achievement.

The Community Schools Grant led to:

  • Extracurricular clubs including Computer, Environmental, Homework, Multicultural, Newspaper, Builders Club, Science Olympiad, and Weather Club
  • Bi-monthly enrichment assemblies on topics including substance abuse prevention, injury and accident prevention, internet safety, and cultural arts
  • Community Outreach events such as Information Fun Night—to connect families with services, recreation opportunities, and community resources
  • Oral health screenings and dental health awareness presentation, eyeglass screenings, and referrals to local community health center providing discounted services
  • Parent education programs on topics such as adolescent depression, alcohol, prescription drugs, and host liability

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